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Scott is an expert in language, advanced communication and human behaviour. He is a co-author of ‘You Need This Book To Get What You Want’, a popular psychology book focused on personal performance, influence and persuasion which is on sale around the world and translated into several languages.

He is an experienced journalist and live broadcaster, available for expert commentary and newspaper reviews on both TV and radio. He has appeared as a commentator on BBC1, BBC2, Channel 5, Sky News and BBC radio – analysing the language and behaviour of key public figures.

As well as his specialist expertise, he has a strong news sense having been an Executive Producer and Editor in BBC News & Current Affairs and Programme Director of LBC radio. He has covered the biggest stories of the past two decades both out in the field and in the newsroom.

As an NLP Master Practitioner, Scott provides executive coaching, seminars and workshops for business clients. He helps executives and their teams devise their vision and strategy, he coaches senior people in advanced communication and public speaking - and trains professionals to be more assertive in the workplace. His client portfolio includes big listed companies, media, national and local government - and leading universities.

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Come to one of Scott Solder’s appearances and prepare to have your face read, even if you’re sitting in the audience. Scott is a popular psychology expert, specialising in the way humans think and communicate.

A self-confessed ‘psychological showman’, Scott combines his in-depth knowledge with fun and entertaining demonstrations of how people ‘talk’ to each other without realising, how to access people’s thoughts by looking at the way their eyes move and how to persuade people round to your way of thinking using sophisticated verbal and non-verbal communication.

Scott is also a former Executive Producer at the BBC and in commercial broadcasting, and has plenty of entertaining stories about what goes on behind the scenes – all tied in with his specialist knowledge about the way people behave.

Scott’s corporate appearances are both a show and an education, and a perfect breakout session for long conferences. By the time you go home, you’ll be dying to try out his ways to get served at the bar when it’s crowded, how to get through the crowd on a busy train – and how to master the psychological ‘autopilots’ that control our instinctive behaviour both at home and at work.

As an NLP Master Practitioner, Scott coaches senior executives, facilitates strategy sessions and awaydays - and speaks at company seminars and events. He trains professionals in high impact public speaking and delivers workshops on influencing skills and assertiveness.

He is co-author of ‘You Need This Book To Get What You Want’, a globally published - and widely translated - book on popular psychology and persuasion. He has been an expert commentator on BBC News, Channel 5, Sky TV and BBC radio. Scott has recently appeared as guest speaker on the subject of influence and persuasion in the workplace at an event hosted by Lloyds Bank, he has been engaged by the City of London to assist with its strategy for the future - and conducted a government department review on behalf of the Cabinet Office. He has also worked with the communications team at 10 Downing Street.

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